Our Mission

Our school was created to inspire students to go beyond the regular facets of education and take ‘Education Beyond Tomorrow.’ We strive to develop students who are capable, honest, and respectful, and, who are prepared both academically and spiritually to be lifelong learners and leaders of tomorrow.

At Pushkarini, we have a perfect combination of love, faith and understanding instilled into young minds for them to be able to create an age of mercy, joy, hope, peace. Our school’s international policy is drafted with an aim

  • to promote and strengthen understanding of significant and sustainable issues at the local, regional and global levels and enhance awareness of different customs and culture related to the same.
  • to embed internationalism in the curriculum and provide students the opportunity to fully understand the extent and sustainability of a global dimension to a curriculum
  • to sensitize students to universal values and help students create materials which challenge them to ask why the world is as it is and suggest how it might be different/better.
  • to work towards conservation of resources, preservation of nature, thereby making the earth a cleaner and greener place to live in and to motivate students to develop as individuals and as members of the world at large, taking responsibility for themselves and the environment
  • to infuse in the ethos of the school, opportunities to engage in global issues and become active global citizens.
  • to make global issues/  themes more real to students and  help students internalize the concept of ‘think local, act global.’
  • to enable students to connect with children from varied cultures and backgrounds and bring about harmonious living in spite of social, cultural, economic and religious differences.
  • To learn about the world we live in and respect and appreciate the similarities and differences between people thereby encouraging the spirit of tolerance and helping students understand the need for peaceful co-existence.
  • To help students understand how choices can affect local, national and global issues and political and social institutions.
  • To develop collaborated curricular works with an international dimension that will help create global citizens with a balanced outlook.