Last year the Mysore Round Table 21 had conducted a musical extravagance at the city level and the students of Pushkarini had emerged as the winners bagging the Best Team Trophy from amongst the twelve participating schools.

Sanskrit Day‘ is celebrated every year to enhance the usage of Sanskrit. Tradition and values are nurtured by conducting various Geetha and Shloka chanting competitions.

School Band
The Pushkarini school band

Started in the year 1993, the school band is a more than 60 member strong troupe. The band comprises of students from classes 6 to 10, who are given the opportunity to play different musical instruments. The band puts forth spectacular performances during the Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations. The troupe is led by an disciplined and enthusiasistic band leader. This ever excited group of youngsters have participated in various competitions, bringing laurels to the school and leading themselves towards paths of glory.


Yoga for kids is an excellent way for a child to exercise and has many other benefits for a child’s health. Not every type of yoga can be used as yoga for children though. It must be taken into consideration that children’s’ bodies are still growing and cannot cope with the strenuous exercises of intense yoga sessions as it can affect both their bodies and minds. There are, however, a number of programs created especially for children who utilize the more gentle poses and breathing exercises from a number of different types of yoga. Yoga classes for children can be a very rewarding activity as it can help self-conscious children become more aware of the things they can do.


CCA is held as a way of motivating our students to take part in school activities with a feeling of pride and the spirit of healthy competition. Students at Pushkarini are encouraged to be a part of all competitions and programmes held at school as it enhances their growth as a complete individual.

SingingI to X standard
Story tellingI to IV standard
Pick and SpeakV to X standard
Mono ActingI to IV standard
English Essay WritingV to X standard
DrawingI to X standard
English RecitationI to V standard
English DebateVI to X standard
Card makingI to V standard
Essay Writing Hindi/Sanskrit/KannadaVI to X standard
My Hobby ShowI to V standard
Poster MakingVI to X standard

In the beginning of each academic session, the School Captain and Vice-Captain as well as the House Captains and Vice-Captains are elected. The nominated students are given the opportunity to campaign and win the confidence of others. The thrill of voting and winning creates a strong sense of leadership and responsibility within the school leaders.

A healthy spirit of competition is kept up in the school through a house system, in which children of each class are divided into four houses. Inter-house competitions are held regularly, and the” Best House of the Year”, is selected on the basis of the over-all performance during the academic year.

House Name ColoursMotto
VindyachalGreen Success

The Science Club of Pushkarini aims to create the right atmosphere for young minds to nurture and kindle curiosity and a desire to know more about the world around us, to develop a scientific temper and to experiment. Talks by experts, Doctors and Scientists, practical demonstrations, seminars and presentations by students and field trips are all a part of its activities.  

The English Literary Club provides ample opportunities for the students to express ideas in their own imaginative way through a variety of activities. The in house literary journal ‘Literary Renaissance’ is a platform for those budding ‘Shakespeares’  and ‘Ruskin Bonds’ who will step out into the world nad wield their pens to change the future.   

The Mathematics Club of Pushkarini enables students to relate the subject to the environment and to focus on the development of thinking and reasoning skills. The Mathematics Club helps students to learn concepts through different activities focused on concept building. The activities of the Maths Club aim at helping students bring the gap between the world of numbers and the real world.  

Health and Community Club Each individual’s growth presents a different range of problems and requirements. This needs to be planned meticulously, executed with great sensitivity. Keeping  this in mind our school has taken a step to inculcate health education by incorporating a health and community club into our curriculum. Through this club, healthy thoughts are imbibed in the tender hearts of our school through various programmers like skit on dengue fever, collage making on dengue and H1N1 and a Science exhibition, which highlighted the medicinal values of flowers and plants.

Apart from this children and teachers contributed wholeheartedly for the betterment of the needy by collecting various basic necessary daily items to be distributed to orphanages and old age homes. ‘Commitment to Community’ is the adage that every Pushkarinian lives by.


Music being the essence of life teachers in MPV teaches with devotion. We infill and nurture the interest in children. Songs in light music, Devotional and patriotic is taught in three languages i.e., Kannada, Hindi & Sanskrit.  In addition to shlokas from Bhagavat Geeta, we also guided children for competitions. 


A dynamic and children friendly value addition programme for character building, creative thinking, memory enhancement, improvement of  concentration and logical reasoning, has been introduced in the school from this academic year. The children go through multiple activities which awaken the conscience and intellect, imbibe morals through stories and groom children to become responsible Indians.  It contributes to confidence building, public speaking, etiquettes and development of life skills which enhance the employability of the child at a later stage. The young minds are ignited with ideals which are subconsciously mulled over, and the child finds the right path. With the transformation a child goes through and the right attitude, the parents will have no worries about the child’s performance and being on the positive track of life. The Springboard(India) teaches what cannot be taught at home and in class room.

The children, parents and teachers have found it to be an immensely beneficial programme and strongly recommend it for all children.  It is conducted by Col Bhanu Prakash, a veteran with rich experience, an advocate of Swami Vivekananda’s teachings and passion for awakening the children, conducts the Springboard(India) in a lucid and friendly manner. It is an asset to all  –  “A must for every child. It is an investment by parents for today and tomorrow of their children”.