Student Council Elections 2023

7 Jun 2023

The Student Council Elections for the academic year 2023-24 were held on 7th June 2023. What better
way to teach children about the democratic process!
Candidates for School Captains (girls and boys) and School Vice-captains (girls and boys); Captains and
Vice-captains for the four houses – Nilgiris, Vindhyachal, Himachal and Sahyadri, were announced on 2nd
June. On 5th June, the nominated candidates made campaign speeches and were heard with patience.
After campaigning the next day by class visits during lunch break, the big day finally dawned on 7th June.
Children from class 5 and above and all the faculty voted for the different categories. The ballots were
counted and tallied and winners were declared. The date for the investiture ceremony will soon be