12 Jul 2019

“A musical dance drama on CHILD LABOUR by the students of 6B”
Child labour is the illegal act which forces children to be away from normal
childhood their schooling , their normal growth and development.
Child labour has been a deep routed social issue which in turn has given rise
to other social issues such as sale and trafficking of children, debt bondage,
forced labour etc..
We must create awareness among people about child labour and child
exploitation and protect them from social, economical and khyeifal harm
which persist to affect them during their lifetime.
The students of class 6B spread awareness about abolishing child labour
through a musical dance drama. The act had it all starting from how child
labour has been the nightmare for the country and for the children, then the
consequences of child labour and final part of the act was about eradicating
child labour for the betterment of the children ultimately for the country!