14 Jun 2019

The world blood donors day was eshtablished on 14th June 2004, serves to
raise awareness of the need for blood and to thank blood donors for their
voluntary, life saving gifts of blood.
On 14th June 2019, world blood donors day was observed in our
Manasarovar Pushkarini Vidyashram meaningfully. 
Students of our school performed a short skit to spread awareness about the
need of blood in emergency situation. The theme of the skit was to spread
awareness about blood donation. The main motto behind the skit was, people
shouldn’t step back when they are asked to donate blood! One drop of blood is
The skit went out well, and the main theme was served. The message from the
skit was crystal clear that, public should be aware about the need to donate
blood and also about the precautions to be taken before and after donation of
After the skit, few significant criterions for blood donation were explained by
the students.

“Give blood and Save life”