Independence Day Celebration

15 Aug 2019

Independence Day was Celebrated on 15th August 2019 in our MANASAROWAR PUSHKARINI VIDYASHRAMA. All the members of MPV family were gathered in the school premises to celebrate this significant day. The celebrations took place as planned. The respected chief guest hoisted the flag alongside all the dignitaries from management. While delivering the speech post hoisting the flag, the chief guest motivated the children to realize the value of this independence and to give something back to our motherland. He also motivated the students to achieve something in future and make the country proud. In the next part of the celebrations, i.e, The cultural events; the students from various classes performed a dance for patriotic songs and added more colors to the occasion. The skit on Kitturu Raani Chennama’s quest for independence was one of the highlights of the day. The day was all about bringing the feeling in the students on remembering the struggle of our freedom fighters and emphasizing on the importance of patriotism and achieving some feat and making our INDIA proud.