A dynamic and children friendly value addition programme for character building, creative thinking, memory enhancement, improvement of  concentration and logical reasoning, has been introduced in the school from this academic year. The children go through multiple activities which awaken the conscience and intellect, imbibe morals through stories and groom children to become responsible Indians.  It contributes to confidence building, public speaking, etiquettes and development of life skills which enhance the employability of the child at a later stage. The young minds are ignited with ideals which are subconsciously mulled over, and the child finds the right path. With the transformation a child goes through and the right attitude, the parents will have no worries about the child’s performance and being on the positive track of life. The Springboard(India) teaches what cannot be taught at home and in class room.

The children, parents and teachers have found it to be an immensely beneficial programme and strongly recommend it for all children.  It is conducted by Col Bhanu Prakash, a veteran with rich experience, an advocate of Swami Vivekananda’s teachings and passion for awakening the children, conducts the Springboard(India) in a lucid and friendly manner. It is an asset to all  –  “A must for every child. It is an investment by parents for today and tomorrow of their children”.