The Science Club of Pushkarini aims to create the right atmosphere for young minds to nurture and kindle curiosity and a desire to know more about the world around us, to develop a scientific temper and to experiment. Talks by experts, Doctors and Scientists, practical demonstrations, seminars and presentations by students and field trips are all a part of its activities.
The English Literary Club provides ample opportunities for the students to express ideas in their own imaginative way through a variety of activities. The in house literary journal 'Literary Renaissance' is a platform for those budding 'Shakespeares'  and 'Ruskin Bonds' who will step out into the world nad wield their pens to change the future. 
The Mathematics Club of Pushkarini enables students to relate the subject to the environment and to focus on the development of thinking and reasoning skills. The Mathematics Club helps students to learn concepts through different activities focused on concept building. The activities of the Maths Club aim at helping students bring the gap between the world of numbers and the real world.
Health and Community Club
Each individual’s growth presents a different range of problems and requirements. This needs to be planned meticulously, executed with great sensitivity. Keeping  this in mind our school has taken a step to inculcate health education by incorporating a health and community club into our curriculum. Through this club, healthy thoughts are imbibed in the tender hearts of our school through various programmers like skit on dengue fever, collage making on dengue and H1N1and a Science exhibition, which highlighted the medicinal values of flowers and plants.
Apart from this children and teachers contributed wholeheartedly for the betterment of the needy by collecting various basic necessary daily items to be distributed to orphanages and old age homes.
‘Commitment to Community’ is the adage that every Pushkarinian lives by.